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Art is Magic EP

I had taken three years off from making music and I came back with a vengeance. Working with Mike Butler we put together this modern Folk-Rock album with a vintage feel.  The top song would probably go to either “Dusty Road” or “Home”, but “Rig” is also a fun song to listen too. Drums: Matt […]

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Don’t Cry EP

I hadn’t satisfied my itch to record so I met up with Tanner Sparks again to make this folk/world EP. The wind instruments and the violin along with Francesca’s beautiful background vocals make this a very sonically interesting record. My favorite song from this EP is probably “Sci-Fi”. Male Vocals and Guitar: Khalid Hussain Drums: […]

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The Road EP

The Road EP cover

I had taken a long break from producing any music. I came back with limited funds and a new set of songs and decided to make a budget EP. With the help of Tanner Sparks, we made a fun little folk/country EP. The best song from this EP might just be “Hold On”. Vocals and […]

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A Few Songs EP

This was the first record I ever made. Back in 2006, my dad passed away and I took the money and ran headlong into my first foray with recording. I recorded at many facilities and worked with a multitude of engineers. It’s a very raw EP filled with the energy of my youth. Vocals and […]

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