Mighty Mage

Art is Magic EP

I had taken three years off from making music and I came back with a vengeance. Working with Mike Butler we put together this modern Folk-Rock album with a vintage feel.  The top song would probably go to either “Dusty Road” or “Home”, but “Rig” is also a fun song to listen too.

Drums: Matt Lynott
Bass: Patrick McClory
Electric Guitar: Steve Peavey
Harmony Vocals: Heather Nation, Sam Bybee
Acoustic Guitar and Lead Vocal: Khalid “Mighty Mage” Hussain

Produced by Mike Butler at Lost Ark Studio in Pacific Beach, CA, USA

  • 01


    Mighty Mage

  • 02

    Dusty Road

    Mighty Mage

  • 03

    Sky Love

    Mighty Mage

  • 04

    Life Long

    Mighty Mage

  • 05


    Mighty Mage